Reasons why online gambling should be banned

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1 Jun 2009 ... For these reasons, Internet gambling operations are vulnerable to be used not ... problem of predatory, illegal offshore casino bets would return.

So why the huge cry on animals fighting each other, and is the ban really necessary? Reasons for Banning Blood Sports Yes, blood sports should be banned in every country with immediate effect, because it is a disgusting activity and no good can come out of it. Online gambling should be banned | CreateDebate Debate about Online gambling should be banned: For banning or Against banning Should Smoking Be Banned? - Vaping Daily

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GAMBLING SHOULD BE BANNED - GAMBLING SHOULD BE BANNED I agree with the statement that it is convenient to ban gambling. There are few reasons why I support this statement. First of all, the society will practice an unhealthy activity that will affect and harm their families. Gambling should be abolished - UK Essays

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This mini-debate was presented off-the-cuff - without preparation nor research - for fun in a frivolous environment. Victor and Jim went head to head to... Should Gambling Be Banned Should Gambling Be Banned? ( Archived) (16). All Cats.Ccincy: My guy and I love going to the casino's here in Ohio.It's obvious that some people who do have an addiction to gambling why punish the onesonline today!Conrad73Lonesome Town Zurich, Zurich Switzerland289 Threads 6 Polls 86... 10 Reasons Why We Should Ban Online Gambling

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Why should we ban gambling? For example, my private morality is not to waste time on useless degrees like dance, not to smoke, not to waste timeTax for online gambling falls into the same category as legal gaming, licensing and gambling regulation, and should be treated with the same... Why You Should Ban Gambling Essay People turn to drugs or crime to pay for their gambling addictions. Gambling causes crime. People become addicted to gambling trying their luck over and over again when the reality is they will be losing large amounts of money and they know it, but what can they do?