Akiles slot punch with guide

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Product Description • Efficient and economical slot punchers for all your laminates and ID’s. • Oval hole suitable for clips, straps, lanyards, loops and other ID accessories. • New compact design. • Even more affordable than before!

Akiles Compact Slot Punch for Laminates and ID's Slot Punch. The Akiles Slot Punch (Oval) is compact and features a side guide and depth margin. The Slot Punch is efficient and economical for laminates and ID's. The oval hole is suitable for clips, straps, lanyards, loops and other ID accessories. Now even more affordable! Akiles CPS-G Oval Hole Photo ID Slot Punch - Office Zone® One of the most affordable centering manual slot punches money can buy is the Akiles CPS-G slot punch. This slot punch has a base and handle that is very similar to a standard hole punch. The CPS-G creates slots that are 1/8" high by ½" wide. Slots can be punched in paper, lamination film or plastic up to 0.8 mm thick. Akiles Hand Held Eyelet Punch with Guide - AKAEP - YouTube No need for a hammer and separate punching machine! Punch and apply your eyelets in one with this handy machine! Find it on our site at this link:

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Akiles Slot Punch With Guide. akiles slot punch with guide $0 Tax & $5.95 shipping on Akiles CSP-G desktop Badge Hole Slot PunchThe Akiles CPS-G makes accurate slot hole punching easy. Simply set the guide, insert your card and press down on the stapler-like handle. This makes it easy to add ...Buy Popular Products at Amazon. Akiles Hand Slot Punch - Buy101 - binding101.com The Akiles Hand Slot Punch with Guide is efficient and economical, and will work for all your Laminating and ID Badge needs. The Hand Slot Punch creates an oval hole that is perfect for Badge Clips, Straps, Lanyards, and other Identification Badge Attachments. Akiles Slot Punch With Guide - Onlinetopplaycasino.com

Akiles Adjustable Slot Punch with Guide DemoMyBinding.com.www.MyBinding.com brings you this demonstration of the Akiles Slot Punch. Available with or without a guide, this slot punch is an excellent tool for making ...

Where To Buy Akiles ID Badge Slot Hole Punch Stapler Type… Akiles CSP-G Badge Slot Punch Stapler Type with Adjustable Depth, Side Guide Guage & Scrap Bin. Akiles model CSP-G stapler type desktop ID card badge slot punch has adjustable side & depth guides, plus scrap tray bin. Akiles Id Card Badge Slotted Hole Punch with Side and… Oval slot puncher with adjustable guide and removable chip tray. Ideal for slot-punching PVC ID cards.The Akiles CSP-G desk top badge slot punch has adjustable side guide AND adjustable depth guide too. Akiles: Akiles Slot Punch (CSP-G) - Acedepot Buy Akiles Slot Punch (CSP-G) at affordable rate.Efficient and economical slot puncher for all your laminates and IDs. Oval hole suitable for clips, straps, lanyards, loops, and other ID accessories. Table-Top Slot Punch With Centering Guide

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Akiles Diamond-7 Round Corner Machine - Filmsource The Akiles Half Moon Slot Punch with Guide is perfect for making your own calendars with wire calendar hangers.This unit is capable of punching through paper, soft PVC, and hard PVC as well as 20 sheets of 20 lb. bond paper.