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Bad Beat Stories Anyone? - PokerSource The best place to hear a truly heart-felt bad beat story is to hang around the lobby of a poker tournament after successive players get busted out. Being the swell ... On Poker: Old bad-beat story is a poker classic | Entertainment ... Feb 3, 2017 ... Great poker stories are timeless, and a 2006 account, first told in Bluff ... One of the most common extras is the offering of "bad-beat jackpots" ... OMG! Bad beats in Poker! - PokerStars School Bad beats have been around since the existence of poker and always will be. It's also true that people love telling bad beat stories. It's a kind of masochism, ... The ultimate bad beat -

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The Funniest Poker Stories of All Time - PokerTube Poker players are well-known for being a little crazy. Most people think it is just money they are crazy with, but we will all admit the lifestyle and stories are outstanding. Read some of the funniest poker stories of all time.

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Funniest Poker Stories ... : poker - reddit Was think about posting this anyway. My favorite poker story. I call it "results oriented". A friend of mine had been running pretty bad and was on hist last $300 at 1/2. He runs it up to about $800. He's feeling lucky so he moves to 2/5 with $500 with $300 to retreat to 1/2 if it doesn't work out. . Shorty after getting a seat he finds himself ... Bad Beat In Poker | Texas Hold Em Bad Beats | Poker Bad Beats

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